Easy Breezy Snacks

There is no doubt about it- when hunger pains strike, they are difficult to ignore. That is why simple easy recipes for snacks are just what the doctor ordered.

When a person is hungry, their go to might be a cookie or cake. But these snack options are very fattening. Try to resist the urge for a mid day bowl of ice cream.

Instead, get out a bag of celery and chop it into sticks. Then one can fill the sticks with peanut butter or cheese whiz. These snacks are satisfying and have a bit of everything.

Incorporating a fruit or vegetable into a snack is a great idea. People need more of these items in their diet. They help to stave off hunger and they are easy to eat. Many veges taste excellent with ranch dip. A person can even add some hot sauce to the dip for a bit of zing.